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NAME: Julian
BDAY: 25/3/1988

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Monday, December 25, 2006
9:14 PM

after so many weeks of being at home, playing JX2, bball and stuff, i finally got a job! :) after so many interviews for admin stuff, i finally realised its quite impossible for guys to get admin work..simple reason: they have to go army very soon which when compared to girls, guys will never be employed..ya..so, with the help of weixiang, im now going to work at his place! haha..as a waiter! though i don't know the difficulty of the job, but i think i can cope ba..many trips to restaurants will tell u roughly how the work is like..and i find it quite ok la..well, at least i don't need to worry till my NS that im jobless..unless i screw up too many times during work and they sack me la..i hope not..haha!

back to JX2! kinda last day to play le cos from tml onwards, its zao chu wan gui le..so got no time to play, chat and stuff..but i will endure!! endure till my off day and will enjoy it! haha..im thinking too much even before i start work..haha..hope everything will be fine tml!

Perhaps Love

Wednesday, December 13, 2006
10:50 PM

yay! finally got the new modem and its now at full speed le! today got new phone too! Nokia 6280! not bad for a free phone..haha! was lucky cos the manager allowed me to upgrade 9 days before my contract hits 21 mths..dunno cos its a previlage for cooperate plans or not..ya..went bugis singtel shop..waited for 40mins standing! they don have chairs at all la! anyway, i was like the fastest customer cos the rest all so slow..choose this choose that..saw 1 customer took 3 phones then in the end settled for the 6280..haha..

today the singtel man came at last! he so pro lor! 5 mins hook up both the pc and the laptop..i cant even catch wat he was doing man..anyway, the modem very big..is it cos its 3 in 1 modem? dunno and don care..haha..at least now can surf wirelessly le! but a bit no use cos the laptop is so slow and cant support nice games..have to wait to get a better one ba..

oh ya..went to 2 interviews today..1st one is admin work in a law firm..1st time enter law firm..haha..they first test our typing speed..in 1 min type as much as u can from an article in some magazine..did 3-4 lines only..then went interview..as usual, they said they will call me back..really hope they do cos this job till march..1k a mth..not bad leh..and maybe can get to know some lawyers! haha..im jus dreaming..then went to the 2nd one..very attractive pay but it turned out to be starhub outdoor sales promoter..no doubt they had very flexi work hours but they don give us a fixed pay! everything is based on commission..jus imagaine u worked the whole shift and no sales..means no pay lor! wa lao..then how to cover my expenses for meals and travel? naturally, i rejected it la..now jus hope got the admin one or MSHS will call me soon..

cant wait to explore my phone more! now its charging overnight..till then, shall go get busy with strings le! :P

Perhaps Love

Tuesday, December 12, 2006
2:05 PM

yup! dad signed up for singnet 10mbps last week and im finally experiencing fast downloads! yay! probably now im getting half the speed cos they havent install the modem but its still fast! probably 1 year down the road i will be complaining that this is too slow..lol..

yesterday went birdpark with dhg! haha..i know i know..it may sound weird cos its mostly for tourists and i also thought it might not be a nice trip but it was! got some new areas like the aviary where u can take pics with birds ver close to u! that was the nicest place la..other than that the rest are the same..haha..but it was worth it la..

hmm, life at home very sian..looking for jobs too..gonna call up more schools for relief teaching ba..office job very hard to find leh..and job agencies are cmi..never call me back at all..$6 an hour so hard to find for me meh? they also get commission de ma..both parties win..anyway, back to enjoying! :)

Perhaps Love

Saturday, December 02, 2006
11:52 PM

have been working at expo since last tue..1st 2 days were tiring..move things and stuff..then thurs the sales started..my bloody booth sells all the old stuffs..how to sell? but well, tried and will try my best..tml is the last day!! but expected time to reach home is 2am onwards..gonna be damn shag la..have to pack up the things we put up in 2 days using a few hours..siao lor..haha..

but this year expo not as big as last time..the halls were not fully utilised and 1/4 of the space is for food stalls which is quite weird since Sitex is supposed to be solely for IT stuff..anyway, din have time to walk around to shop but took the opportunities i had when delivering goods to look around..saw the LG booth which featured 2 showgirls sitting on a very high platform, pulling a long face instead of smiling and holding on LCD screens..haha..maybe smile too much will face cramp? other than that then nothing le..

my mealtimes are screwed like hell too..lunch becomes dinner and dinner becomes supper..haha..wad to do..ren lor..thus i came to a conclusion that i will not go back there to work ever again unless the pay is higher and the job is easier..like promoting laptops..commision rocks! haha..go watch deathnote le then sleep le..tml will be a very long day..after that chiong chalet and prom straight..think i can pull through? yes i can! :)

Perhaps Love

Sunday, November 26, 2006
12:19 PM

was actually in lalaland and then my dad suddenly woke me up and asked me to go for interview! he said it was the last day and it ends at 1pm yesterday! so i quickly rushed out of home and went with sy and her bro..had quite a time looking for that place..security was loose as we could actually walked for 5 mins before the guard came cycling up to us and asked us where are we going..haha..so funny..then went to the interview place..it was crowded but not with interviewees but workers i suppose..students displaying com stuff on metal display racks..then a thought hit me..why don't they display it at their shop or place of sales? are they going to transport the items hanging on the racks to the shop? sounds kinda stupid cos the whole journey would be more cumbersome..oh well..who knows what the rational is..

anyway, went to the interview place..was quite crowded..filled in the form and waited for our turns..front pple took less than 1 min to clear..so kinda expected wad they tell them and stuff..my turn came and they asked stupid qns like wad is the PS2 port called? answered them all correctly then he shot 1 difficult qns at me..wad is the diff bet dvd + and -? wa..i was stunned..anyway, i answered partly wrong then he told me the correct ans..then asked me to wait for phone call at that evening..well, i knew from the moment any interviewer tells u to wait for phone call, it means go find other jobs..haha..

then went to vivo to meet the guys..jem ate carls junior which costs $12.50!! i hear the price i full le..serious..haha..didn't wanna burn those cash when i'm not earning any yet..then walk walk around..went daiso interview with des and his fren..their hourly pay is weird.. $5.24..haha..wanted to ask them why but hesistated cos i would sound stupid to ask "why is there a 24 cents there?" later they say "u don wan then i take away lor.." haha..jus kidding..and they can only allow us to take a max of 4 shifts which is 29 hours a week! wad the hell am i supposed to do for the rest of the week? so i kinda decided even if they called, i would reject them..haha..see how first..

then went to church and was hoping that the com guy will call..and guess wad? he did!! i rushed out of church and answered his call then he said he will sms me more details before work..i was excited cos i thought once they say they will call u back means no hope liao..haha..but come to think of it, what if they didn't sms? oh well, see how lor..at least got hope..their pay isn't very attractive either.. $5 an hour..and working in those exhibition environment..they asvertised $360+ but $30 is incentives..so there's some kind of trick there le..but or well, where to find a 6 days job? jus get the money then i can spend le!! haha..maybe save first ba..

time for lunch and later servicing sy com..very long never reformat com le..hope haven't lose my touch yet..haha..oh no..better hope that i don't screw anything up..haha..

Perhaps Love

Wednesday, November 22, 2006
11:35 PM

life after the A's are really boring.. really miss studying.. feel life is empty.. haha.. maybe cos nth is taking up my time these days.. basically its jus maple, gunz, audition and visiting blogs..

today was my first time flipping through the classified section of the straits times.. found it quite interesting cos got a lot of interesting jobs.. haha.. called up one of the ad and expected a female voice as the ad stated "look for lisa".. so was taken aback a bit.. well, it turned out that he was the one taking the call.. haha.. weird.. after taking down the address and arranging for the interview, i showed my bro the address and he told me its a fake ad!! he said it was a company which makes u buy products from them and then u urself sell it for ur income.. so i didnt went for the interview.. haha.. applied online for some other jobs.. hope can get soon ba or i will really rot at home..

oh ya.. yesterday played bball with yandeng, julian and his fren! had a fun time but then was damn tired.. no more fitness le.. was panting like mad la! couldnt catch my breath even.. this proved one thing: i must train up real soon or else i will suffer in the army!! speaking of army, i was lucky as not to be posted to commando straight.. i still wan see tekong de.. haha..

hmm, shall talk about gunz.. its quite a nice fps game.. something like unreal tournament and cs.. gameplay similar to unreal and weapons more close to cs.. well, its a jap based game thus there will be those samurai-like kind of fighting, which is cool! currently im level 8 but still noob la.. haha.. oh ya.. and i hate daggers!! they poke u and u are down on the floor and thats it.. good as dead.. they change to gun and slay u on the floor.. found a way to counter but does not work everyttime.. haha.. at least i wont die all the time..

well, tml is 10/05 outing!! to escape!! sad to say i havent been there before.. haha.. was very close to go there once but gave up the idea cos of dunno wad reason.. heard that there's not many rides.. kinda expected la.. singapore land so small.. how to build theme parks comparable to other countries's? (besides the upcoming IR which i hope will have a larger theme park) but hey, its one of the rarest occasion when most of the class can make it for an outing! yay! next is chalet then is prom! havent thought carefully of wad to wear for prom yet.. see how lor.. now back to learning korean!!

Perhaps Love

Tuesday, November 21, 2006
12:58 PM

been missing in action for very long.. came across this skin and decided to revive it.. haha.. hope it wont die off again though.. bout the background music, not nice at all.. so jus bear with it till i get another song..

though A levels are just over, my days are still damn sian.. basically just rot at home, play some games, watch tv, eat, sleep etc etc.. better get some exercise soon or not when i go army i will suffer like mad.. outdoors, here i come!!

Perhaps Love